AMBITION to Grow in South Ayrshire
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Ambition to Grow

Our Ambition to Grow grant is for businesses with the ambition to hire at least one additional full-time employee within the next 24 months.

Ambition to Grow is a discretionary grant fund for new and existing South Ayrshire businesses that could help you with a project aimed at growing your business.

We can provide grants from £500 to £5000, up to 50% of qualifying project costs. Discretionary capital expenditure support at 25% intervention will be considered (vehicles and property are excluded). The value of grants is determined by your project’s potential to deliver future employment opportunities within South Ayrshire.

If you can tick all five conditions below, Ambition to Grow might be the grant for you:

  • Through Ambition to Achieve, you’ll have clear evidence that your proposed project has growth potential.
  • You can fund 50% of the project yourself.
  • You can demonstrate your project will lead to sales growth outwith Ayrshire.
  • The proposed project will lead to you employing at least one additional permanent full-time person or full-time equivalent.
  • Your business is based in South Ayrshire.


Please note:

If your first project is successful in creating growth (e.g. an increase in turnover or staff, new products or new markets), you can apply again after 12 months for your next big idea.


What happens next?

  • Please register here
  • If you are already engaged with us, please complete an enquiry form and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss the next steps.

The Small Print

  • All grants are subject to South Ayrshire Council’s Standard Terms & Conditions
  • Grants are discretionary and South Ayrshire Council reserves the right to refuse any grant at its sole discretion. The Council reserves the right to vary the amount of grant at its sole discretion.
  • Grant values will be determined on a project by project basis, determined by feasibility and economic return.
  • Ambition to Grow grants support projects with 50% intervention or 25% in the case of capital expenditure (vehicles and property are excluded).
  • Where applications have any amounts owing to South Ayrshire Council, this will be taken into consideration in determining grant eligibility.
  • The provision of false information may lead to prosecution.
  • Grants can only be paid into business bank accounts.
  • The VAT elements of the project costs are not eligible for grant assistance.
  • Projects that have the effect of causing displacement in the local market will not be supported.
  • Written approval of the grant must be received before any expenditure is made on the project.
  • Award of grant will be conditional on the applicant(s) proving that they comply with all current statutory employment and related legislation.
  • Grants are provided on condition that the business meet the requirements laid out below –
  • 1. Within two years the Business employs one permanent full-time employee, or full-time equivalent, in addition to the business owner, at minimum wage or above.
  • 2. Companies failing to meet the above conditions will be liable to repay any funds awarded through this programme to the business in full.